Full Circle

by Deni Gauthier

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Full Circle. Presenting a collection of Re-dos, Remixes and B-Sides.

Deni’s old fan favourites from “Man About Town” and “i (am) hope” reimagined and re-recorded, 3 b-side songs that got away, and a precious lullaby Deni wrote for his first little girl ten years ago. These are the songs that needed a home. And now we’ve come Full Circle to the beginning, back to the early days. Old fans will love the reimagined back catalogue and new fans will have an opportunity to explore these songs in a new light.

Why You Run Away - Passenger, B-side. For obvious reasons, it didn’t fit in. It took way too long for me to figure out how it was going to turn out. It incubated for far too long and finally emerged from the proverbial cocoon as one of my favourites on this album. Kids run for fun when you chase them, and then they just run… but you still have to chase them. I’ll always know why.

I (am) hope - i (am) hope, Dre Remix. Me, “I’m going to remix a few songs while I wait for Quiet Town to get finished.” Dre, “Oh ya? send it to me when you’re done.” When I got the mix back my wife sent Dre a picture of a wizard shooting lightning out of his fingers and told Dre that's how he must look when he mixes my tracks. It’s true, he does.

Not Too Far From Here - i (am) hope, remix. I always knew I could do better. I had my friend Glenda down from California while I was recording for that album and she sang angel voices, as usual. Years after it’s release, my buddy Bill came up with the flute line. I revisited the drums and bass and boom, we had a remix.

I Need You - i (am) hope, remix. Always a fan favourite from i (am) hope. I still play it live to this day and I knew I could do a much better job of recording of it. I resurrected all of Mr Twinkles' beautiful piano parts and played and sang around them to the benefit of the song, I think. The bridge is a line I stole from Mike Knott’s “This Is The Healing” and used with his permission. "This is the healing, wipe the tears from all your bitter years…” It still gets me choked up.

Do It For Love - i (am) hope, remix. The title is influenced by a song from one of my all time favourite bands, The 77s. This one never came out right, it once almost became a McDonalds commercial in Australia, and I believe I’ve finally done it justice.

Not There Yet - Man About Town, remix. My very first single from Man About Town, my first solo album, also my first music video with Red Rubber Studios. The song trended on YouTube and was in the top five most watched Canadian music videos for a couple of months after it’s release. That’s when I knew I hit the big time and went shopping for a Bentley. I came home empty handed though because there were’t enough “oooooo’s” in the song. I’ve finally rectified that.

Ours To Choose - Quiet Town, B-side. I wrote this one a few months after tracking all the other songs and sent it to Dre. He called me one day, “BEEP! BEEP! you hear that?” Me, “Huh?” Dre, “That’s the money truck backing up, wait 'till you hear what I did with your song.” And it was beautiful! Just not for Quiet Town, and so we shelved it, until now.

Why Don’t You Call Home - Passenger, remix. Dre, “I had to take all your crazy noises out of those mixes you sent me.” Me, “What about The ones in Why Don’t You Call Home??” Dre, “Especially that one.” So we put them back in. I hope you like noises.

Times Were Tough - Unreleased, B-Side. Ang and I got into an argument, like any married couple does, and naturally, I wrote a song. I pictured our kids all grown up and us growing old and eventually passing on. I’m not sure I’ve done life the easy way, but then, I’m not sure I’d change it either. Not sure I’d change a thing.

Between Me And You - Between Me and You. I wrote this for my daughter because she was super into a kid's album that Our Lady Peace did “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on. I’m all like, “Ya, well, your old man is a rock star too, so watch this! (She was three). I recorded her a whole kid’s album. This was the little lullaby I wrote for her on the end. Now you can sing it to your kids too.


released April 26, 2017

All songs engineered and Produced by Deni Gauthier at Second Records. Except for “Ours Too Choose” Arranged by Andre Wahl.
Mixed By Andre Wahl at the Little Girls Room. Except "Times Were Tough" Mixed By Deni Gauthier.

Deni uses LaCroix Acoustics and Fender Electric and Bass Guitars.
Steve Koning (Mr Twinkles) - Keyboard magic.
Luke Roes - Lead Guitar on "Why You Run Away"
David Faris - Lead Guitar on “Not Too Far From Here"



all rights reserved


Deni Gauthier St Thomas, Ontario

A true artist, Denis has been creating music as a profession for quite some time. Never heard of him? Thats OK, maybe this will be your little secret now, or maybe you’ll want to tell a few people about this unique, good feeling, rootsy music from the heart of an extraordinary songwriter.

Either way, you’ll like it because it’ll make you smile.
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Track Name: Why You Run Away
Don't try to slow down this water
Don't try to slow down my heart
I'm feeling a little under the weather
If I slow down now I may fall apart

And I know why, ya I know why

I'll even give you a head start
I'll count to five really fast
You can run away down the lane way 
And I'll chase you as fast as you can laugh

And I know why, ya I know why you run away

Come over here, oh you daughter
Come over here, let me shed a tear for you 
Track Name: i (am) hope - Dre Remix
I read by candle light.
To avoid the night.
I see no hope no end in sight.
I am the losing fight.

My daddy left today
Nothing I could say
I see my life shades of grey
I am what life betrays

I am hope
I am the dream that see's you through the night
I am the open arms of wingless flight
I am the bands of strength that hold you tight 

I am hope…

I held my breath too long
Mind if I sing along?
I can't seem to find my own song
I am the weakest strong 
Track Name: Not Too Far From Here
I saw the sun today
Through the disarray
Thought I'd let it go
Fly away black crow.

There's nothing left to stow here friend
Holding to the last thing keeping you back
Keeping you back here
To the very bitter end, this life ascend
We’re not too far from here...

So that change that comes our way
I think we shall embrace
And learn to live another day
No more hiding place.  
Track Name: I Need You
Down the hill and out the back
Past the rusty rail road tracks
There's a place where I used to hide
The smell of autumn leaves
Hair ruffled by the breeze
Feeling you and I would soon collide

I need you… whoa… I need you

Stage the starlit sky 
Where we met you and I
Oh the wonders that you bring
To the end of time
Where ocean and sky rhyme
You make beautiful things.

This is the healing 
Wipe the tears from all your bitter years
Track Name: Do It For Love
Running away will never free you
Won't see you on your way
And the change that hangs us all to the fence, because we fear it,
Can only make sense when we can feel it
But if you can't find a reason to keep going
When it feels like you’re doing everything but growing…

Do it for love

And the ties that hold you down, hold me down too,
‘Cause I just hate to see you drown
To my brothers, fathers, sisters, daughters and mothers,
Turn your eyes up when you fall down
But if you can't find a reason to keep going
Feels you’re doing everything but growing

Do it for love.
Track Name: Not There Yet
Hold back I’ve never let go
Of broken glasses and curtained windows
I’d fly if I had wings, through the sky to forget these things

Could I hold you again?
Wrap my arms around your neck again
Will I know you again?
Get lost in life and laugh at the breeze again

Seems to me as I move along the more I age that the more I’m wrong
It’s like the further you get the more you know that you’re not there yet

Could I hold you again?
Wrap my arms around your neck again
Will I know you again
Get lost in life and laugh at the breeze again

Blue skies, open eyes, I realize that I’m not there yet
Blue skies, open eyes, I realize that I’m not there yet

Could I hold you again?
Wrap my arms around your neck again
Will I know you again?
Get lost in life and laugh at the breeze again
Track Name: Ours To Choose
I am the one they call son hurting way
Before the day has begun
Riding forward though the sun is long gone
The day is gone

Call me your own and I'll only fly away 
To cry in the corner find another way to say goodbye
Just say goodbye

I know you are there, but I need to know that you care.

Play away the day hope that
Time will have it’s say I'm only
Moments from truth held on long enough
To throw away my youth,
I just need the truth

But truth is in the sky in the eyes of the children
in the breeze through the trees hiding
always there in simple plain view 
But that's nothing new

So let's walk away from the
Same game of laying blame 
And let go our heads hung in shame
Because there surely is no use, 
That's ours to choose
Track Name: Why Don't You Call Home - Vibey Edition
Why Don’t You Call Home

The day we went walking downtown together
Through the rain and the sleet and snow
How on earth was I supposed to know?

That you were a ghost and my heart still blue
I couldn't see it from my point of view
Felt like a hole in an old canoe

So I said
Why don't you call home?
Why don't you call home?

On a cold lake in late December
Like a dog with an old raw bone
Holding too tight to make it safely home

We threw around a few bad ideas
And settled on the one that made you cry
I knew better than to ask you why

So I said,
Why don't you call home?
Why don't you call home?

So we'll walk some more and hatch a plan
We'll leave this town in the old white van
We'll migrate west and then we'll head down south
We'll teach our kids history by word of mouth

So I said,
Why don't you call home?
Why don't you call home?
Track Name: Times Were Tough
Times were tough
A whole other kind of affair
We were in the sun
A little longer than we should bear
Hold on tight it's gonna be a bumpy ride
Now there's one thing
you and I will never be denied

So we held on, as sure as paper sticks to glue
And the wind it blew
But there's no erasing this tattoo    
The lights went out
But we never stopped walking through
We can't see our feet,
but at least it's just me and you

So let’s go for a dream or two
You know that we've got nothing to lose
Let's walk the tides of life and kick the shoes, We've got no excuse
Something tells me
that it's up to you and me to rescue
Track Name: Between Me And You
This isn’t goodbye… just a lullaby
And the morning will come
So close your eyes to sleep
And this promise I’ll keep,
I’ll be there with the sun

I’ll be there with the sun
When the morning comes
I’ll be there for more hugs
I can hold back the floods

When I hold you no one can hurt you
And when you fall
I’ll clean the dirt that you
That you have on your hands

‘Cause I love you no matter what you do
Or what happens between me and you
I’ll be there by your side

I’ll be there by your side
I’ll be there by your side

This isn’t goodbye, just a lullaby
And the morning will come
I’ll be there with the sun