Quiet Town - Studio Floor Cuts

by Deni Gauthier

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These are the previously unreleased, unheard, studio floor cuts from Deni's most loved release to date. Enjoy the rawness, the unfinished feel, the alternate and ultimately quieter rough mixes from Quiet Town.

"I’m an artist. I consider myself mostly a songwriter, and I’m happy with that. I suppose I shouldn’t say “happy,” although I am in many regards. I live in a world of narrow contentment. I’m trying hard to evolve and improve, and sometimes I have to be content with my craft however it turns out. I create stuff, and there is a fine line there with finding satisfaction in your art and just being not OK. Sometimes, you have to let it go or you drive yourself crazy... The lead-up to this journey was a long one. My whole professional life, actually. I had been talking to other very capable producers for this project, but Andre Wahl didn't sugar coat anything. As opposed to telling me how much he loved it, “Dre” was the first to tell me what he actually thought of my music and what he believed I could do. I was willing to listen. Welcomed a new perspective, in fact. So I choose Andre, and for some reason, he chooses me too. And so begins my first artist/producer relationship, and my first real effort to step up to the plate and create something I could have never done on my own. We’ve set up shop in an old brick schoolhouse. I brought my dog, my guitars and my songs, and I'm here to record an album. There is no fancy iso booth. There is no drum room. There’s a fireplace, a couple of beds, and a century of mojo hanging in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife. There’s a sound of its own in this room, and it's hard to put a finger on it. It’s kind of cold; a bit damp perhaps, but it's been like that for a few days so that's nothing new. I'm listening to music. I'm also being instructed by a very deserving mentor. He says things like "THIS is how you listen to music… Hear the whole song and try to hear just one instrument… Feel the song and figure out where the notes push and where they pull, then hear it again and get deeper in to it!" I feel like I'm hearing music for the first time. There is a red disco kind of light hanging in the corner. And a turtle lamp. Neither one produce the kind of light you could read by, but ideal for listening. Andre is wise. Don't make this complicated, live in the moment, the album will get done, have faith and relax. Have faith. So I listen. This is my account of the process, and a deeper look into the songs I hope you will love. If you listen, you’ll hear the tags on my dog’s collar, the zippers on our sweaters, stomping cold feet on the floor, impromptu musical endings, inexplicable voices, banging sticks, a creepy old record player, and life. A lot of life went into this one…"


released October 5, 2015

all songs written by Deni Gauthier
Musical contributors - Sammy Frenette, Jim Kelch, Steve Koning,
Tom McKay, Jason Mingo, Andre Wahl, and Tucker.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andre Wahl at
“The School House” and “The Little Girl’s Room”

Photo Credit Andre Wahl

Special thanks to the Brittain's for sustenance and hugs. Len, you didn't bag a deer, but you deserved one. Matt, you make me look gooood. To the “Chief” for his editorial skills. To the man who made it all happen (you know who you are) - Thank you. I simply can’t thank everybody, but if you were supposed to be on here and I forgot to name you, Jason Verheye will mow your grass for a year.
And here's to you, for owning this copy.

Special thanks:
Lukasz Piotrowski at www.amtecaudio.com www.tonee.eu
Ray Maxwell at www.eventide.com
Derek Heimlich at www.mcdsp.com
Joe Malone at www.jlmaudio.com
Michael Puntis at www.long-mcquade.com



all rights reserved


Deni Gauthier St Thomas, Ontario

A true artist, Denis has been creating music as a profession for quite some time. Never heard of him? Thats OK, maybe this will be your little secret now, or maybe you’ll want to tell a few people about this unique, good feeling, rootsy music from the heart of an extraordinary songwriter.

Either way, you’ll like it because it’ll make you smile.
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Track Name: Into The West - Studio Floor Cut
Let’s start here.
Where it all begins, where the air seems thin
And I know for sure, that the cool rain wins, Just like it's always been

I think I'll go away… go and find the milky way
Get up and chase it into the west
Do whatever's best for me and you
Write a song or two
And sleep up high in the crows nest.

The wind will blow, over rock and through the trees,
Holds back the past of true unease
This one lane road, will send me back to where I came,
Not quite changed but not the same

Oh and I know every thing will be ok,
It's just that I've never really had much to say
So I think I may walk to the Hudson bay.
Just to give my feet some time, and to empty out my mind
Track Name: Everything's Gonna Be - Studio Floor Cut
Walk on down to the hill
Past the old and rusty mill
And hide yourself away
Ya hide yourself away

Words get lost here
Don't you fear
All hope's not lost dear

I don't know where to start
Where muscle ends and spirit starts
But I know it will sort out
That's what it's all about

You know it's not about you
Just wait and see
Because the change you go about
Is about me

And I know everything is gonna be…
Wait, no, never mind, cause I don't know, lets just wait and see

The grass it's never been so green
Like folded bills of self esteem
I prey you take no heed
There simply is no need
Track Name: You To Come Through - Studio Floor Cut
Singing silently, wasn't meant for me of that I'm sure
Hide behind the trees lost abilities so obscure

Ya I don't know anything for sure
Striding round on this big grand detour
So this high five street view must do
Just hoping for you to come through

Wait for the hurricane. Saw one they're all the Same... you know it's true
For the masses though, it's hypothetical... but Not for you.

ooooooo… you to come through

Would that I should see through lies
You know for sure I'd tell you the truth
Just open mind no compromise
Just knowing that I will find you
Track Name: I See You - Studio Floor Cut
Here I am with this old guitar, in this quite town in the local bar
I'll hold this notion near and far... Where ever you go there you are,

I walked as far as I could that day, what more could I do, what else could I say ya
Moving like the midnight star... where you go there you are.

The only way that I see light
Is though the cracks i once tried to hide
If hoping is as love strives to do
Then I see you… oh I see you.

Striving more to be who I am, not what they want, not the typical man ya
I can only be what made me me, simply live and always be.
Track Name: Tear For Tear (Hold My Hand)- Studio Floor Cut
I hear you in the whispering of my name
I can tell the difference it's the same
There's so much that I can't understand
So lets just walk, you can hold my hand.

Oooooooooooooo you can hold my hand.

You see there's this big difference between you and me
But its hard to look when you can't see
Sometimes my feet move but nothing else
Ya, my faith shakes like everyone else

Yay though… I walk
I will not fear
Open up your hand, and I'll match you tear for tear
Track Name: Silly Boy - Studio Floor Cut
I saw her sitting there. She said have heard so many tales
I said hurry on back home she said home is where I roam, wind in my sails
Silly boy

I cast my eyes but stare, I see the truth is lurking there,
We all know true love is rare, that's why we're searching everywhere, ya everywhere
Silly boy

We figure out how, to make it pay
One things for certain, the end of life’s curtain's gonna close on us all one day

Fingers crossed that, our house of cards cant
blow over move over feel the change whispering your name

Ya we all know love can burn some embrace it others turn,
And the tally piles high open up and gather wide. to say good bye
Silly boy
Track Name: All I Really Want - Studio Floor Cut
I heard you call my name, in a sentimental way now
I only cry when I can see the sky
On the old dirt gravel road, where the old church preacher sowed
And the days and night were all one in the same

I wish I could go back
To the distant and unpack
My memories so I could
Feel you again

I’d run back though the trees, catch frogs on worn out knees
I'll only come back when the sun goes down
Good luck finding me I'm gone, I'm out swimming with the swans now
And I'll only come back when the sun is down.

I'll be there with the sun when the morning comes, I'll be there for hugs I can hold back floods
So close your eyes to sleep these promises I'll keep I'll be there with the sun when the morning comes

All I really want, is to feel like I did when I
could roam the streets barefoot free and alive.
Track Name: Leave Me Alone - Studio Floor Cut
I've heard there are stars that light up the sky, when someone is born or somebody dies
And that hope is a thing of the past
So dreaming counts not, and the earth is still grey, ya we take change to heart and then walk away now…
All on our own now at last

Go ahead and leave me alone
Leave just enough call on the phone
Don't worry 'bout the way things were left
Just go ahead and leave

We walk heads held down, the walk of shame, interestingly enough we can't take the blame for that
It's simply just not where we're at
But somehow so pure, it's human enough to rise to the though that we're easily tough enough…
And that's simply not where we're at.

It's not like I'm trying too hard to make you understand
It's just that we may have let go of each others hand
I'm right where you left me I promise you I'll stay right here
Right here… right here.
Track Name: Gospel - Studio Floor Cut
nah na na na...